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3.5 stars Ave. rating: 3.5 from 12 votes.
  Nader   --   none (Maldives)
posted: 2013-02-23 05:16:21
The Maxda CX-7 has a turbo with the i-AWD system and it feels the most fun of all these types of SUV's to drive bseuace of that. Once the turbo Sportage is out that could change but I actually enjoyed the Tucson's drive more even tho it's essentially the same car. The sportage had a more firm look im sporty ride but the tucson knows its a car-like crossover and even the seats felt more like recyliners. The Outlander is also slow ur right. continued
  Taxi Service Dallas   --   Lahore (Pakistan)
posted: 2012-11-02 08:37:08
BE CAREFUL - this cab company likes to rip-off young riders. My lady known as a cab for Set up The the air the the air the the air jordan (fairground) to Sharon and the car proprietor tried to price her $36.00. I known as the distribution who suggested me it's a $25.00 cost-effective, then began to get into a shouting go with about how they don't control the drivers, etc. The car proprietor shut the evaluate off half-way home and suggested my lady that it's a $36.00 generate. This is terrible that they would try to take advantages of teenagers who may not know any better. Taxi Service Dallas
  Jimmy   --   Newmarket (Ontario) (Canada)
posted: 2012-08-07 02:48:43
dumpy cabs and I have worked all over North America....dumb dispatch and over all....not worth the time!....SORRY, but the truth hurts!
  Steve   --   Newmarket (Ontario) (Canada)
posted: 2012-01-19 08:11:25
I called Newmarket Taxi today because I was having car problems and I needed to get to the mechanic as soon as possible. I got off the Go train and called the cab company,the girl on the other end said "ten minutes" after 45 minutes I called back and asked if they were still coming, she said he was. When he finally showed up, I asked "what happened" his reply was "I didnt want to come" This is the first and last time I will use this company.
  Mark   --   Newmarket (Ontario) (Canada)
posted: 2011-06-04 09:05:58
BE CAREFUL - this taxi company likes to rip-off young riders.  My daughter called a taxi for Mount Albert (fairground) to Sharon and the driver tried to charge her $36.00.  I called the dispatch who told me it's a $25.00 fair, then proceeded to get into a shouting match about how they don't control the drivers, etc.  The driver shut the meter off half-way home and told my daughter that it's a $36.00 ride.  This is terrible that they would try to take advantage of young adults who may not know any better.
  Mark    --   Newmarket (Ontario) (Canada)
posted: 2011-07-02 11:31:37
oops, I meant to leave this comment on TODAYS TAXI, not Newmarket Taxi. STAY AWAY FROM NEWMARKET TAXI
  julia   --   Newmarket (Ontario) (Canada)
posted: 2010-11-09 09:00:16
sorry i got the wrong company i meant today's taxi this Newmarket taxi is the best in service top of the line served with cheap rates
  robert   --   Newmarket (Ontario) (Canada)
posted: 2010-09-24 09:26:55
Bala is a great guy, he takes good care of his customers. Been calling this company for quite some time now and have yet to be disappointed.
  yqlgsdz    --   none (Cocos Islands)
posted: 2013-02-24 23:34:51
vQjx2H eqyxrfdhkeli
  kpiasffvvmd    --   none (Norfolk Island)
posted: 2013-02-21 09:36:15
CPLIaM pjbkunxagnpn
  Gerty    --   none (United States of America)
posted: 2013-02-20 16:16:36
This and Eurocon are the two cons I have never been to that I REALLY WANT TO GO TO.At least if I'm not the one who gets painted. So far I've heard about the pink, the gold and the lneeadvr. : D
  George   --   Newmarket (Ontario) (Canada)
posted: 2010-09-21 07:31:13
Best taxi service in Newmarket. Fast and reliable. I use their airport service regularly, the driver has always been very helpful with my luggage and I have never had a problem. I strongly recommend Newmarket Taxi over any other taxi company in Newmarket
  Leslie   --   Newmarket (Ontario) (Canada)
posted: 2010-03-19 07:46:55
I have always had the best service with Bala, always very helpful & if not available, able to send someone for us at a moments notice...very comfortably able to help out my kids from an early age when needed,     
  julia   --   Newmarket (Ontario) (Canada)
posted: 2009-11-06 04:21:28
This taxi company sucks.The drivers are so smelly.Awful service and the idiots that answer the phone should learn english  and manners
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