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+1 514 273 2435
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+1 514 845 1244
(514) 2736351
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(514) 3256000
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(514) 4973823
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(514) 9846844
+1 514-235-7070
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+1 514 4842604
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+1 514-444-8868
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(514) 4885887
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  Tiffany Outlet   --   Ain Smara (Algeria)
posted: 2012-04-24 01:58:00
O: Tiffany Outlet A: Tiffany And Co B: Tiffany And Co Outlet
  katherine   --   Montreal (Quebec) (Canada)
posted: 2012-04-21 01:19:52
Hi, I lost a glove in the cab yesterday (april 20) going from auberge st gabriel to ndg at around 3 am. its is leather and a dark cherry color. If anyone found it please lat me know.! 5145500151 thank you!
  Nancy    --   Montreal (Quebec) (Canada)
posted: 2012-04-07 10:44:08
I lost my favourite white cardigan on the taxi on Friday, April 6. If anyone has seen this please email me Thank you so much. J'ai perdu mon cardigan blanc favori sur un taxi hier. Si quelqu'un a vu, s'il vous plait me contacter a Merci Beaucoup!
  Val   --   Montreal (Quebec) (Canada)
posted: 2012-03-20 11:48:54
I may have left my HTC Sense phone in a cab flagged on Rene-Levesque near Crescent on Saturday March 17th, please call Mike if you have found it. 514-945-6973
  alecia greenwood   --   Montreal (Quebec) (Canada)
posted: 2012-03-19 02:56:03
Hi I left my black leather purse in the cab last night.. going from crescent street to Ontario and Dorion, at around 1am. I had my iphone, wallet, keys... everything in it. if you found it im desperate to get it back.. plz call 514 465 8949. or email
  Evan   --   none (Cyprus (Northern))
posted: 2012-03-11 09:05:24
Your looking at a long drive asorcs NY state gas prices are high.. have you looked into bus travel? you can get on and off so its not just one long ass ride .the only other option i can think of is to look into teleportation, which may be very expensive and/or not invented yet
  tazzphzpkoa    --   none (Solomon Islands)
posted: 2012-04-22 04:43:35
UOJkve hxdpnarcxrdg
  zywzfbfklza    --   none (Wake Island)
posted: 2012-04-21 17:45:34
wkkZSK fybqszzomrgw
  Johnny    --   none (Cameroon)
posted: 2012-04-21 04:53:43
LOL i got a little evonrus when i saw your post title in google reader what the heck{?} i was thinking well, you are right your husband really does have big pumpkins that is just amazing i can't even imagine having to move one of those down to the fair congrats to your hubby on his fourth place ribbon and i hope next years crop is even bigger and better the dragon carved pumpkin is very cool!!!
  Renelle   --   Montreal (Quebec) (Canada)
posted: 2012-03-10 01:06:58
i left my wallet in a taxi last night (Fri.March9 at 9:25PM). I flagged the taxi on south Rene-Levesque, corner Bishop. Please call if you found it, thanks 514-294-1128
  Renelle    --   Montreal (Quebec) (Canada)
posted: 2012-03-10 13:19:54
i left my wallet in a taxi last night (Fri.March9 at 9:25PM). I flagged the taxi on south Rene-Levesque, corner Bishop and going to Gare Centrale. Please call if you found it, thanks 514-294-1128
  Laura   --   Montreal (Quebec) (Canada)
posted: 2012-03-03 09:17:07
I lost my wallet in a taxi last night around 3am going from University to rue saint Marc on Maisonneuve. Please call 438-401-0267
  Raj   --   Montreal (Quebec) (Canada)
posted: 2012-03-03 05:25:12
I Lost my blackberry torch and keys in a taxi late last night at 3:30 going from crescent to docteur pen field. Please all 514-439-8366. March 3
  Pauline Helle   --   Montreal (Quebec) (Canada)
posted: 2012-02-25 10:09:22
Hi, i left my bag in a taxi last night (24.02). The cab ride was from the Village to the Plateau. It had my wallet in it (its red) and some other personal items. If found please get in touch with me (514.679.7611). Thanks!
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