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Taxi Champlain Inc

Montreal taxi service

(Quebec, Canada)

Taxi Champlain Inc

Phone number: +1 514 273 2435
Phone number: +1 514 271 1111

Service description

Champlain Taxi Ltd. provides passenger service 24 hrs a day in the area designated as A-11 which is on the island of Montreal. Over the years,our company has built a solid reputation based on superior quality service and courteous drivers.Our policy is to provide prompt and safe taxi service for all of our customers. FEATURED SERVICES customer service Champlain Taxi presently has 400 vehicles associated in its fleet. The size of our fleet assists us to provide a quick and efficient regular taxi service to customers, as well as provide a special service for customers with a variety of particular service needs. * An air-conditionned vehicle * A mini-van for more than 4 passengers * A station-wagon for alot of luggage * A vehicle allowing animals (guide dogs are allowed in all cars) * A vehicle for any special event with daily rates - wedding, graduation, funeral ........ - * A vehicle for delivery * A vehicle for a jump start (booster cables) * Paratransit Service A special service for the handicapped person associated with STM Paratransit Service METHODS OF PAYMENT * CASH : Canadian & U.S. Funds * COUPONS : Champlain & Major Competitors Coupons * PREPAID : Coupons paid in advance for set amounts, picked up at the head office CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS UPON REQUEST

Aprox. prices

FARE INFORMATION Montreal, Quebec: The following are the current rates for the taxi service in Montreal, Quebec : $3.30 Meter price at client presence $1.60 Per kilometer $0.60 Per minute for waiting time Fix Rate $38.00 From downtown to Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport For special events fixed rates are available upon request

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Company message

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card payment

Spoken languages

english french

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2 stars Ave. rating: 2 from 54 votes.
  Ran   --   Montreal (Quebec) (Canada)
posted: 2014-02-18 09:34:47
Last night, my friend's daughter visited us and stayed late, she was young and we don't want her go back alone, so she was trying to call a TAXI when she left. She Googled your website and called the two numbers on your site. The guy who picked up the phone hang off her call just because she was trying to spell the street name (ok, she is new here, is that a problem?). And the guy refused to take her calls anymore. Then I tried to call with my phone, it was the same guy who picked up the call, when he heard the street name, he began to laugh and I heard he said "Tabarnak" and hang off. I have to drive the girl back home after. Don't ever use this company
  Nadia kvakic   --   Montreal (Quebec) (Canada)
posted: 2012-11-27 08:04:12
  Pierre   --   Montreal (Quebec) (Canada)
posted: 2011-09-04 01:23:23
Forte odeur de transpiration provenant du chauffeur. expérience dégeu...
  Josee Boudreau   --   Montreal (Quebec) (Canada)
posted: 2011-04-22 10:21:01
La politesse,courtoisie,le respect, et la qualité des répartitions des transport est vraiment pourrie ! Pour avoir utiliser leurs services,comme bien du monde cette cie la ,dirigée par des grecs montre une image négative aux publique. Voici l'histoire: Bonjour ,mon nom est Mme Boudreau de la rue Sanfaçond,.............J'ai appelé votre téléphoniste le 21 Avril a 9:15 pour un transport et elle m'a coupée la ligne,j'ai rappelé pour redonner ma demande et elle m'a dit que le taxi sera la; un peu plus tard je rappel et encore pas de taxi,elle me dis que le taxi a passé devant chez moi,c'est complètement faux,ce n'est un autobus de la STCUM que je veut(a 2,75$),c'est un taxi ! Elle m'a envoyer un autre taxi,très mauvais service sans courtoisie. Au prix sa coûte faut faire quelque chose,........cette employé-la occasionne des erreurs ,les chauffeurs de taxi perdent leurs temps,gaspille du gaz pour rien ,perdent des clients,et il faudra peut-être engager une autre personne en surplus pour corriger les erreurs de cette employée-la! Je suis d'accord que ça cré de l'emploi,mais la ça va coûter plus chère a l'employeur ,Ça prend pas des comptables pour savoir ça ! Alors oubliez cette cie de Taxi la s.v.p. : κατάρα κάνετε σκληρά ,C'est complètement NUL !$!
  Kate Romero   --   Montreal (Quebec) (Canada)
posted: 2011-01-21 01:39:27
Just lost my wallet - silver - Katharine Romero. Please contact if found: 514.476.3653. Going from St. Denis and Mont Royal to Cote de Neiges and Sherbrooke.
  janet   --   Montreal (Quebec) (Canada)
posted: 2010-09-22 11:14:04
thanks champlain for the most friendliest and courteous service.... dispatchers were very friendly and the driver was very helpful and kind....
  lau   --   Montreal (Quebec) (Canada)
posted: 2009-12-08 11:50:05
youre right DIAMOND ARE THE WORST EVER ! Its better to take any company than DIAMOND
  jack   --   Montreal (Quebec) (Canada)
posted: 2009-07-31 12:56:56
the problem with diamond is that it is too big. its good for flaging down downtown, but when callin from an adress i like to call local companies. if im in ndg i call atlas taxi, if im in the east i call co-op de lest, if im in verdun i call angrignon taxi. locals always give better service than the big guy.
  Graham   --   Montreal (Quebec) (Canada)
posted: 2009-07-01 10:29:23
The worst experience I've ever had. Still waiting after an hour. I have phoned 3 times now and each time they say the car will be 5 to 10 minutes. So much for punctuality. Also, if your customer has been waiting this long, don't be ignorant on the phone with them! For future reference, avoid like the plague.
  lola   --   Montreal (Quebec) (Canada)
posted: 2009-06-05 01:14:25
in the past i was calling diamond taxi all the time, but their service was just extraordinary HORRIBLE!! they lacked friendly service and punctuality!!! then i decided to call champlain taxi, they are friendly and always on time!!! it's been over a year now, and i never had a problem with them! the drivers and dispatchers are amazing and friendly!!!!!
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