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Atlas Taxi Inc

Montreal taxi service

(Quebec, Canada)

Address: 4999 rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest Westmount, QC H3Z 1T3, Canada

Atlas Taxi Inc

Phone number: (514) 4858585

Company background

Welcome to! With its total service approach, its attention to detail and to people, its rigour and discretion, with its fleet of over 200 impeccably-groomed cars, not surprising that Atlas Taxi has succeeded in distinguishing itself in Montreal, particularly in the west end of the city. Atlas Taxi is extremely proud to service its faithful clients, safely driving them to Montreal's most know and renowned addresses, incuding numerous businesses and multinationals, hospitals and schools. Find out why more and more people trust Atlas Taxi and count on them. * 5 minutes services *, 24 hours a day * Impeccably groomed cars * 100% Guaranteed Airport Reservations (Wake-up calls available) * Luxury cars available upon request, at no extra charge * Gift certificates available * Fast and safe courrier service * Special attention to the elderly and the disabled * Monthly billing available

Aprox. prices

Rates : Start = $3.15 + $1.45 / Km + $0.50 / Min Per Hour $35.00 ** No Bridges or Highways ** Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau Airport Flat Rate $35.00 ** Only in the Montreal Downtown Core ** From Pine / Cherrier South to St. Lawrence River From Atwater to Papineau

Company message

Ownership Atlas Taxi is a driver-owned incorporated company. While we are not legally a co-operative, most of the drivers are share-holders in the company. We consider this ownership structure to be one of the strengths of the company which has contributed to its success. Many of the drivers have a personal stake in the advancement of the organization, and this is reflected in the high quality of service we provide. Overview We began operation on June 1, 1988 with a simple desk telephone, one simplex radio station on the roof of our building, and a fleet of 30 compact cars based entirely in Westmount. Despite the recession of the early 90’s, and the difficult situation, our company has shown constant, steady growth throughout its 14 years history. We provide taxi service throughout the West End and the downtown core with more than 180 vehicles. All our vehicles are large cars. More than 50 are fully equipped luxury cars (Ford Crown Victoria, Lincoln, Mercedes, etc.). We also have 20 station wagons available for light moving jobs. In the last twelve months we received and dispatched more than 500,000 calls. To handle this volume of traffic we now operate using 30 phone lines and two radio channels broadcasting from our new transmitter on the top of the mountain. Our company deals with both residential and commercial customers. Until their closing, we dealt with the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (from 1991) and the Reddy Memorial Hospital (from 1992). Among our current accounts are the prestigious accounting firm Ernst & Young, Canada Post, the Meimonides Hospital in Cote St-Luc, the MacKay Center, many West End seniors’ homes and organizations, and all the Westmount private schools. On contract we have provided service to the adapted transport department of the STCUM (from 1993). At its peak, the latter contract generated more than one million dollars of revenue annually for our drivers.


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Spoken languages

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Rate Atlas Taxi Inc
1.5 stars Ave. rating: 1.5 from 67 votes.
  ashley   --   Montreal (Quebec) (Canada)
posted: 2013-03-04 04:03:55
Terrible customer service. Do avoid. The cab was called to a central downtown location and was much later than their advertised 5 minutes (the weather was clear). The cab driver, when he did arrive, was rude (wouldn't open the trunk at first, wouldn't help us put the luggage in the trunk, didn't seem to understand English or French). The inside of the cab was also quite dirty. In the end, we decided to cancel the cab and instead walk with our luggage. When I later called the cab company to file a complaint, I was the one who got yelled at (literally) because I was told that I was lying and that the cab had arrived within 3 minutes and that we had cancelled as soon as we could flag another cab that was passing by, none of which was even remotely true. Obviously, I will never be using this company again when there are plenty of cab companies in downtown Montreal with better service (Co-cop, Champlain, Diamond).
  Katrina   --   Montreal (Quebec) (Canada)
posted: 2013-03-04 02:42:17
I accidentally left my phone in their cab. When I phoned the company to ask for them to send the cab, who was half a block away, back, they said they were not able, and hung up on me. When I phoned back, they hung up on me repeatedly, and then, afterward, would not answer. I'm phoning the police and filing a report. This is not the first time this has happened with Atlas, they tried to sell my friend's phone on kijiji. They are rude, unprofessional, and horrible.
  Matt    --   Montreal (Quebec) (Canada)
posted: 2013-01-01 08:13:22
Come on people get a grip. Taxi drivers have one of the most dangerous jobs on the world, right up there with cop, fireman and skydiving teacher. Always have to look over their shoulder at who's about to knife them. As well as putting up with back seat drivers and runaway clients. Not to mention .... Traffic ! Hello . Go buy a car if you need a ride .
  Nadia kvakic   --   Montreal (Quebec) (Canada)
posted: 2012-11-27 08:03:29
  sc   --   Montreal (Quebec) (Canada)
posted: 2012-04-29 09:00:18
terrible, never use them. all montreal taxi drivers are idiots but atlas ones are some of the grossest. I will never take one of their cabs home late at night again being a young female. disgraceful behavior on their part, I have felt unsafe more than once, I called for a taxi with credit card, the driver refused to take credit and drove me to a deserted bank at 3 am to take out money, which ended up costing me an extra 7$. why dont they hire some nice, normal nonpsychotic people who can also speak the official languages?
  Andras Ungar   --   Montreal (Quebec) (Canada)
posted: 2012-04-15 03:11:46
I had the worst service from any taxi driver ever when I was assigned an Atlas cab at the airport yesterday. The man seemed to want to fight with his passengers and anyone in his way on the road. He started the trip by reprimanding me for lack of manners for closing the door of the cab to hard -- then tailgated the traffic -- ridiculed my wife's suggestions about how to get to where we were going -- responded to a request to turn off the air conditioning aby opening the windows of the speeding cab wide. It was an unexpectedly stressful end to a long day of travelling and entirely gratuitous. For reasons of his own, the driver wanted a fight. I am pretty sure he found one before his shift was over. My wife and I just wanted to see the last of this very disturbed individual. I took down his taxi licence number and later phoned the complaint into the company. I don't know if any action was taken. The experience has left me very reluctant to phone for an Atlas cab again -
  berry   --   Montreal (Quebec) (Canada)
posted: 2012-03-24 09:15:30
What a joke place this is its the WORST cab co in mtl like some1 mentioned the telephone staff leaves much to be desired and the worst time to call is 3-11 for rudeness the nicest staff was there overnight staff before i guess even he had limits though cause he left and the only shift who cares if you lost anything now is the am 7-3 otherwise dont even bother calling all u get is no its gone im sure they dont care the old overnight guy was the only other 1 to care about the customers but hes gone i stopped using atlas taxi because i feel they are a front , i dont want a rim job but a bit of ass kissing is ok they dont play that its like we have to pay for the taxi and kiss the drivers and office staffs ass ? i also have many friends and friends of friends with pure horror story of this god forsaken hole the gov shud revoke there dealings with this money funneling terrorist supporting bunch of people who hate us and our way of life they have zero respect for any1 in my church i have even had sweet older ladys in there 60s and up complain about how they were spoken to by staff managers and drivers this company was ok many years ago even good but now its gone to hell in a hand bag some company's just cant handle growth this is one call another company
  Pierre   --   Montreal (Quebec) (Canada)
posted: 2011-09-04 01:30:21
45 minutes pour avoir du service, sans aucune explication quand je rappelle!! Quelle compagnie minable!
  mark jenkins   --   Montreal (Quebec) (Canada)
posted: 2010-12-08 10:52:45
This company very kindly held on to a $400 piece of equipment for me, such that I could go and pick it up at their office.  Saved me big bucks!  Service is always pretty good, from what I've seen, and phone number is very easy to remember!
  C. Gustafson   --   Montreal (Quebec) (Canada)
posted: 2010-05-11 10:37:17
My girlfriend used to take Atlas's taxis home , and was always getting hit on by the slime bag drivers, even when they saw me kiss her goodnight, they would hit on her, we have complained, they did nothing, and we will not be using altas with their Pervert drivers again. SAME ON YOU ATLAS!!!!
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