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Olde Tyme Taxi

Ingersoll taxi service

(Ontario, Canada)

Address: 113 Mutual St
Address: 194 Charles

Olde Tyme Taxi

Phone number: 519-425-0110
Phone number: 519-320-1284

Company background

Our company open Feb 2 2006  A Family owned an operated business. We started with 3 cars and 2 drivers and quickly went 5 cars and 9 drivers 3 full time and 6 part time. We now have 11 cars vans and trucks (we now do deliveries) 14 full and part tim drivers.

Service description

We can serve you and take you almost anywhere. We alson can deliver your parcells to most places for a very reasonable rate.

Company fleet



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Spoken languages


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  paying passenger   --   Ingersoll (Ontario) (Canada)
posted: 2015-10-09 09:19:02
on a number of occasions I have had terrible experiences with taxi driver's In Ingersoll, one time I was in the car with the driver and he/she was answering phone (Bluetooth) and he/she then picked up the clip board to write the names of people. The driver then starting swerving in and out of the lines on the roads. And another time the driver smashed our tree backing out of our driveway she didn't even bother looking to see if there were any dangers behind her! So with full force she rammed our tree. And finally, when I was paying for the ride a driver ripped me off by saying they did not have change. I usually I get $5 back, then I asked I usually get more money back because I live in Thamesford and my job is Ingersoll and its only $13 dollars to take me there, so the driver decided to give themselves a $5 tip and I asked for the right amount of change and they said no.
  m burns   --   London (Ontario) (Canada)
posted: 2010-08-15 05:51:34
This taxi company was awful and unreliable. We had taken a taxi (that stunk of smoke) from Ingersol to a small town for a wedding. We spoke to the driver about getting picked up later and he said just call 30-45 minutes before we need a ride. We called later and were told a cab was already on the way so go outside to wait. We waited for over an hour. When we tried to call dispatch back, the woman who had previously answered had turned her phone off or unplugged it...We were stranded and didn't know another company in the area. We eventually got a number for another taxi company and they were there in twenty minutes. If they couldn't bring themselves to drive out to pick us up I wish they would have recommended another company so we wouldn't be abandoned. Thanks a lot Old Time. Oh and they only have 2 cars, sometimes 3 if they call a guy. Not 11 as advertised.
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