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Blue Bell Taxi

Dartmouth taxi service

(Nova Scotia, Canada)

Blue Bell Taxi

Phone number: 4655555

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  Ryan   --   Dartmouth (Nova Scotia) (Canada)
posted: 2012-11-15 03:42:47
This one is lengthy and this is what I submitted to the better business bureau and their company. Complaint towards Bob’s & Bluebell Taxi Cab #002 “Eddie” First thing I want to mention to start this off, is that this has to be the worst example of customer service and employee accountability I have ever witnessed first hand. Late on Friday November 9th (technically Saturday morning, about ~1:30AM) I called for a taxi to 15 Boling Green Crescent in Cole Harbour to take myself and my girlfriend to my apartment. I specifically asked over the phone for a cab with a debit machine; after we got into the cab and started moving, I asked if he had a debit machine, he responded “No.” and I had to ask the cab driver to go to the bank. Now before I continue, allow me to provide an idea of the geography. Starting at 15 Boling Green Crescent, Cole Harbour, NS and ending at 1367 Cole Harbour Road, Cole Harbour, NS (Sunridge Place) we had to go down Boling Green, turn right onto Colby Drive, turn right onto Ashgrove Avenue and then right again onto Cole Harbour Road until the destination is reached on the right. Total distance is roughly 2.1 kilometres. After learning we had to go to the bank, the above route was followed but we had to go left onto Cole Harbour Road, then turn left onto Cumberland Drive and into a strip mall that housed my bank (Credit Union), this from the starting point was 2.09 kilometres. I withdrew $40 (my girlfriend used my card because this was a drive thru ATM and she was seated behind the driver) and I have the accompanying bank receipt with MY account number from MY bank to prove this. We then got back onto Cole Harbour Road and went home, another 1.48 kilometres, totalling 3.57 kilometres instead of the necessary 2.1 to do the original run if the driver held any credibility. The total fare came out to $9.00, I handed the driver a $20 bill and he returned $10.50. I questioned this, and he advised me that having an extra person is a $0.50 charge. I get that, but this was NOT on the meter at all, if you are going to charge me for it, it better be on the meter. I don’t order a pizza, ask for extra cheese and then pay for it if it’s not on the bill, or order a steak with mushrooms and onions and then be expected to pay for it if it is not on the bill. When I voiced my concern, explaining he did not charge it on the meter, he repeatedly said “Call the office and check, call the office and check.” I left the cab and took note of the cab number and the description (Black Lincoln with black leather interior, cab #002). After getting into my apartment, I called the company line and reached someone by the name of Tina, who was very empathetic towards my situation, even mentioning that this driver has had numerous complaints in the past and she did in fact confirm that he carries a debit machine at all times. She then let me know that I would be contacted by a Kim Demont to discuss this issue no later than Wednesday November 14th and her number is 902-464-8859. Wednesday came and went and no one had reached out to me from the company, so I decided to call that number assuming they forgot about my complaint. I never did get the name of who I reached, but this was a female and the time was around 11:45AM/12:00PM. She provided me the excuse that the systems were down and they were backed up so she could not call me. She went on to mention that she had a conversation with the driver named Eddie and his version of the story goes as follows: He took us to my apartment, we tried using my debit card twice and it did not work, he then put the meter on hold, drove to my girlfriend’s bank to take money with her debit card out of her account, and then he drove us back with cash in hand, $6.20 was the total fare. First things first, if my debit card did not work, WHY would we go back to HER bank instead of just USING her card?! This makes absolutely no sense. Again, we used my bank card at my bank and I have the slips to prove this transaction and the meter the whole time all the way up to $9.00. So I asked this woman if they keep a record of when drivers were dispatched to specific addresses and if when they stop the meter, it goes into the system so that the driver pays his fares at the end of a shift. She told me this does not happen, which begs the question, how do you know if a driver is paying the company their share of the fares if there is nothing to cross reference? She also provided the excuse the drivers typically don’t like dealing with debit and tend to prefer cash. This is completely irrelevant, it is a service that the company advertises that they provide and this driver had a debit machine in his car when he blatantly told me he did not. I’m sure if you check his debit transactions on the print out at the end of the shift, there will be no failed transactions from my account number or my girlfriend’s account number (her purse was actually left in my car at the starting address, so having her debit card in the conversation is irrelevant). The woman I was speaking with provided me a number for Taxi Licensing Services that I have not called, but if this letter is not addressed, they will be contacted, as well as the Better Business Bureau. The treatment of a customer in this circumstance is absolutely horrendous. I challenge you to confront your driver about this, check his debit records, cross reference them with my bank slips and this will tell you that he bold face LIED and offered the worst example of customer service I can think of. I do expect a voucher for something along the lines of one free taxi ride up to $25.00 to cover the cost of this trip, and also the inconvenience of all of this and the lack of support I am getting from the ‘supervisor’ Kim Demont who is supposed to represent the company. I work in the customer service industry and if a wrong is written, my company must take responsibility and right the wrong and give the customer the benefit of the doubt. No one at Bob’s aside from Tina, has accepted any type of accountability, or expressed any empathy. Even passing the buck onto BellAliant as to why I was not contacted 5 days (Wednesday. Incident happened early Saturday morning) after this all started, stating the system’s were down on Wednesday. They managed to have a conversation with the driver, but no one bothered to call me? I suppose they were hoping that I would forget all about this. It’s not the dollar amount, but it’s the principle of the situation that makes me cringe. Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase. “Customer service is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction – that is, the feeling that a product or service has met the customer expectation.” Turban et al. (2002) Please tell me where Bob’s & Bluebell has even attempted to adhere to the above definition in any way, shape or form. I will be posting this on your facebook page, from my facebook page as well as over twitter.
  anon2   --   Dartmouth (Nova Scotia) (Canada)
posted: 2012-10-28 07:05:39
Its kind of ridiculous in a 'city' that lacks bus service after 11:30 at night that the only taxi service that will cross the bridge is too cheap to either hire more drivers or hire more dispatchers so they'll actually answer the phone after 12am on a weekend night. Its getting really tiring getting stranded in Halifax because they apparently don't want to make money?
  MJ   --   Dartmouth (Nova Scotia) (Canada)
posted: 2012-05-19 10:47:36
I was told that Bob's taxi would send me a taxi. An hour and a half later and no one showed up we ended up paying a Halifax cab extra to make the trip here to get us, sort of late to our appointment, like if you do not have a taxi available do not tell a client one would be there to pick them up.
  anonymous   --   Halifax (Nova Scotia) (Canada)
posted: 2011-08-28 06:27:14
bottom line, dartmouth sucks! I work there and anytime anyone does anything wrong the reply is "its because I'm black" and then they go on to cause a disturbance. Its no wonder black friends of mine from Halifax say that they could bomb the whole place and they wouldn't care. All that place is is full of wanna be thugs who would never make it in a real ghetto and are only tough when they are in packs or have a weapon on them. Apparently the cab companies are no better, the whole place can get crushed in the next hurricane if it was up to me!
  Amy   --   Halifax (Nova Scotia) (Canada)
posted: 2011-07-08 02:17:20
I believe you Sara. I find that all the dispatching staff have become very rude at Blue Bell...It is sad to see how far they have fallen in quality as many years ago they were an excellent company. That is why I call the Halifax companies to see if they have anyone over on the Dartmouth side going to Halifax.
  Jay   --   Dartmouth (Nova Scotia) (Canada)
posted: 2011-06-05 01:17:24
Car 178 would not take me from Halifax to Dartmouth.  I guess he was looking for a more lucrative route and not considering the consequences of stranding someone.
  Sara   --   Dartmouth (Nova Scotia) (Canada)
posted: 2011-01-10 01:55:19

I feel the need to express my outrage about how I was treated by Bob’s Taxi on Sunday January 9th by one of their dispatchers.


Upon waiting 20 minutes for my taxi, I called back to see how much longer I had to wait. When I asked dispatcher (who I will leave unnamed) how much longer I had to wait I was told that she “Could not just pull a time out of her ass” and that my cab would “Get there when it gets there. When I told her she need not be snarky about it, she replied with “Oh wait, did I hear you say to cancel your cab? I just want to make sure you want me to cancel you call, because I can do that you know”.

            After being treated in such a manner by the staff at Bob’s, I proceeded to call the supervisor the next morning. When I called and told her of the appalling happenings of that day before, I was told by the supervisor “I do not believe you, our (insert dispatch name) would never act like that unprovoked” and proceeded to make several excuses for any “possible rudeness that may have occurred”. I was interrupted and talked over several times.

            I am appalled and severely offended that I was outright told I was lying by the supervisor at Bob’s, not to mention the dispatchers miserable behavior on the day of the call.  On top of all that I was told “You better not slander bobs taxi or life will get very hard for you”. She threatened me! The supervisor had the nerve to threaten me! I will not tolerate being treated like this.




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