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Taxi in Vienna

Pokorny Taxi

Vienna taxi service

(Vienna, Austria)

Pokorny Taxi

Phone number: 9113437

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  Kalina   --   none (Bangladesh)
posted: 2015-11-13 06:51:33
Dear Neil, to be honest, I don't like sumemr especially with high humidity and with high temperatures Istanbul during sumemr makes me so tired There is a misty view at the sea always because of the temperature and humidity. But the most important part is the high humidity You feel much more the temperatures So all these realities are not good for my healthy I stay indoors with air conditioners and humidity control systems I love spring and autumn days in this city but in these last years we don't live spring days as before, we find suddenly hot sumemr days But of course it depends on what you love Maybe, you will love our sumemr days if you would be here Thank you, love, nia