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Taxi in Sydney

I like you car service .

Sydney Hire Cars

Sydney taxi service

(New South Wales, Australia)

Address: 10 Hillview St
Address: Auburn
Address: NSW 2144

Sydney Hire Cars

Phone number: 1300 78 65 60
Phone number: 61-404-640432
Skype ID: sydneyhirecars
Yahoo ID: kashif484
Google Talk ID: cabpos

Company background

Sydney Hire Cars provides Chauffeured Hire Cars and Limousines for corporate transport, airport transfers, weddings, special events and private sightseeing tours on a Set Fares or on Hourly Rate. Our prices are rock bottom and service is second to none. Sydney Hire Cars provides luxury chauffeur driven sedan cars, stretch limousines, convertibles, transfer and getaway cars around Sydney Australia.

Best Cars Best Driver On Time Every Time

Service description

Whether you are an event planner coordinating a special event, corporate sales meeting or convention services, or corporate manager seeking every day transportation, a bride needing a limousine, a couple going out for a night on the town or a group going to an event, or you just like to travel every day in style...

Sydney Hire Cars provides a solution for every ground transportation challenge.

Company message

10 Reasons why you would chose Sydney Hire Car over any other Taxi, Limousine or Hire Car Company in Sydney.

  • Enhance Your Image, Pay As Low As Almost Cost of a Taxi Fare

  • Fixed Fares Regardless of Time, Weather or Traffic

  • GPS Tracked Excellently Presented Elegant Luxury Cars with Internet Access Point (Selected Cars)

  • Secure State of the Art Reservation and Dispatch system

  • Secure Online Invoicing and Payment System

  • Professionally Chauffeured by Immaculately Presented Uniformed Drivers in Business Suites with Confidentiality Agreement / Non-Disclosure Agreement

  • Base Office Operating 24 hrs 7 days

  • Access to 150 Hire Cars 24/7

  • Best Customer Service


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Spoken languages


Main destinations aprox. fares

Sydney CBD to Airport = $68
Airport to Bankstown = $80
Airport to North Sydney = $75
Airport to North Ryde = $90
Airport to Manly = $128

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  Robin   --   none (Switzerland)
posted: 2013-08-25 10:48:22
Like many people have said, it all deenpds on what you're looking for in a vacation. My husband and I just came back from Oahu, stayed at the Kaimana Beach Hotel at the base of Diamondhead, and had a lovely time, but I liked Maui better (but I might be a little biased because Maui was for our honeymoon four years ago). Plus side of Oahu: our hotel was at the southeastern tip of Waikiki, so we were far enough away from the crowds that it was peaceful and quiet on our beach. But we were within walking distance (10-15 minutes) to the hustle and bustle of Waikiki. We could stroll in for breakfast in the morning or drinks in the evening. We got good use out of our rental car going to see other beaches, North Shore and the Polynesian Cultural Center. Down side of Oahu: it does remind me of California, which is where I'm from. And I'm looking for something different from the ordinary on my vacations. The food along Waikiki was the same stuff I could get at home, with the exception of the kahlua pork omelet at Lulu's (yum!). Waikiki is nothing but a tourist strip with a pretty beach, really. Driving on the freeway around Honolulu was pretty annoying just like at home.Plus side of Maui: we stayed at the Kaanapali Beach Hotel and loved it! Kaanapali is a gorgeous beach and our hotel had the largest square footage of beach with the fewest people (other luxury hotels like the Marriott had only a little strip of sand for their beach space and the people mostly crowded around their pool patios, with lounge chairs laying shoulder-to-shoulder. I shudder to think of it!). We were near Black Rock, which is a rocky area at the end of the beach that had great snorkeling. We were an easy walk away from the luxury hotels so we could walk around and admire them, and just beyond those hotels was a shopping area with nice restaurants to have a drink by the sand and watch the sunset. Lahaina was a nearby cute, tourist-ey beach town that was worth a visit for shopping and strolling. We didn't venture out much beyond Kaanapali and Lahaina, but were perfectly happy where we were. It was more relaxing and romantic than Waikiki and the Kaanapali Beach Hotel was voted most Hawaiian by the local papers they have activities like lei-making, polynesian dance lessons, etc. Maybe they were tourist-ey, but it sure beats walking the hot, crowded streets of Waikiki. And your first morning there, they invite you to a complimentary breakfast buffet where they serve lots of traditional Hawaiian foods like ahi tuna poke, kahlua pork, fresh pineapple and sweet bread as well as the usual mainland fare: eggs, bacon, toast, etc. They have a little entertainment while you eat, raffle off gifts like a complimentary beach lounge chair rental or tickets to their evening shows, and give you tips on things to do and see on Maui. And we told them at check-in that we were on our honeymoon, so they sent a complimentary bottle of champagne to our room. That hotel really makes you feel welcome. And when you check out, they give you a complimentary kukui nut lei and tell you the symbolism that leis and kukui nuts have in Hawaiian culture. I was a little sad to leave anyway, but the whole thing got me a bit teary-eyed.Down side of Maui: I can't think of anything. Even if you're the nightlife party type that Waikiki is full of, Maui has Lahaina which is nearly the same, just without the concrete jungle. I guess the only downside might be that Maui is generally a bit more expensive than Oahu.I recommend working with a travel agent as well, preferably someone who is very familiar with the islands so they can help you find what you want from a vacation. Good luck, aloha and have a wonderful time!
  Lea   --   none (Lebanon)
posted: 2013-08-24 09:11:14
What most people tend to do on there first trip to Hawaii is Maui and Kauai as a split stay. Usually the Big Island tends to be more the isnald people go on a return stay. But this really doesn't make a difference; it's all in your preferences. I will tell you that people don't really go there for the beaches though. They have some nice ones, but not like other isnalds do. Many Hawaii hotels have stay X amount of nights get one free. This varies from hotel to hotel on length of stay required to get a free night. I would highly recommend for sure doing Maui. Others said that they would do Honolulu, Oahu and in my opinion unless you want to do Waikiki beach, Pearl Harbor or Diamond Head I wouldn't even bother but change planes here.Waikiki is just high rise hotels with 90 % of them not even on the beach. Maui on the other hand is more like 90 % hotels on the beach. Oahu though is going to be the least expensive isnalds. Think of Oahu as Hawaii's Cancun if you will. In so many ways they have taken away the beauty with the high rise hotels. Maui has a few that yes there a few stories, but nothing like Oahu if you look at hotel pictures. Maui is the isnald where you can be as lazy or active as you choose. Several Natural sites to see, so most definitely as you said you want to have the car rental. Several hotels so you are aware do charge for parking daily and the prices varies.The Big Island (Hawaii) is a great choice, but depending of what part of Kona is chosen will determine if you have a nice white sand beach or a beach that is rocky to where you need shoes to walk on the beach.Kauai is another consideration to look at. Very laid back and relaxing isnald. From the sounds of what your describing you would like I think you would enjoy this option.You asked to should you book on an online site or work with a travel agent. Well obviously I’m a bit bias considering I am a travel agent, but I will explain why I truly do feel you should do this with a professional.You said so yourself this is very important of a trip for you. With doing things online you are looking at pictures sure, but some of these pictures are touched up, some aren't. Online reviews from people you can read, but take them with a grain of salt considering some people when they have one bad thing happen the entire trip is a bust and they vent about things that really weren't bad, but there upset. With travel even the best of agent can put together your dream package within your budget; however problems can still happen and if they do then you have a contact agent. If that agent is out of the office, no worry there is another one that can pull your file. This is assuming during normal business hours =) It is usually problems that happen, that can't really be fixed, but we resolve on the return home. This is why most agents like to call and find out how everything went because a good caring agent really does want to know. It is very rewarding for agents that love there job to know they helped a person in making these new found travel memories a reality.There are certain hotels/condos that are a good choice for one couple that isn't right for another couple. This is another thing that a good agent will do. That is why if you have someone who asks a lot of questions the reason we are is to try and qualify you for what we feel is the perfect resort.Like any profession there are good and bad agents. Most of the time in speaking with one you can tell which one they are though. I myself will never claim to know everything as I’m leaving on a daily basis and I have been doing this for a while! However if you were to ask me a question I don't know the answer to I will say I don't know, but I will find out for you instead of making an answer up. People who do that most definitely fall into the bad agent category. It's just typically laziness in my opinion!Believe me; I want to do everything in my power to make a holiday memorable for my clients. I don't want them coming back and being upset with me because they were misrepresented on what there hotel was like. Which can happen very easily online. Some agents do this to though, which is very bad! Laziness again, quick sale. When a client comes in and says I want to stay here, even if the agent knows this hotel isn't a good choice. Sometimes they just agree with you to make it quick, simple and completed as opposed to asking questions and actually taking time on your trip. Most travelers would agree that they would prefer and agents honesty on if a hotel is nice or frankly a dive. Such as our agency we do charge a $20.00 per person service fee for reasons that we search many vendors to find you the best prices with your dates, hotel choices, etc. It is commonly misunderstood that a TA tacks on commission where in fact we don't at all. See if you book directly through a vendor you are going to pay the same price only that vendor will make more money because they don't have to pay an agency. Service fee of course aside. Instead of you looking at several various possibilities let us do it. We know which vendors tend to price out better with certain destinations.I am one of those honest agents. In the end it is in everyone’s best interest with honesty!So I would suggest highly either find a local agent that you like or you can certainly feel free to email me and I could email you my contact information if you like. Hawaii isn't well very inexpensive so make sure you know exactly what it is you’re paying for. Either way I truly wish you a magical experience in Hawaii's Beautiful Islands!
  Manoj Agarwal   --   Pune (Maharashtra) (India)
posted: 2012-05-04 09:45:58
I need VAN and CAR for day basis for official work. Please provide the budget in terms of KM or day basis or hourly basis for one full day. Starting from 9:00 am to 6:00 PM.It will be require during 16-18 May. Thanks Manoj A
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