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Canberra Cabs

Canberra taxi service

(Australian Capital Territory, Australia)

Canberra Cabs

Phone number: +61 (0) 2 6126 1600

Company message

Cab Spot What is 'Cab Spot'? Click here to see a list of our Cab Spots It is a location identifier that passengers can use to name their pickup location. Eg. Cab Spot 1 is located at the main entrance of 24 Kembla Street, Fyshwick. Every Cab Spot signs location and pick up details are known to the Canberra Elite Taxi Fleet, and the computerised booking system. How can Taxi Customers use Cab Spot? When you want to book a cab, go to the nearest Cab Spot sign, use this unique number as your pick up point when making a booking and wait next to the sign for your Cab to arrive. Where are Cab Spot signs being placed? Cab Spot signs are being installed at private business addresses, generally with multiple entrances that cause confusion for passengers and taxi drivers. Eg. Shopping centres with multiple entrances will be offered Cab Spot signs - each with its unique identification number for each entrance. The Cab Spot sign will be fixed to a building wall or similar prominent place, adjacent to the roadside kerb, in easy sight of an arriving taxi. We suggest that you use Cab Spot in conjunction with ETA messaging. ETA Messaging - What's This? When making a taxi booking you are offered the option to receive an ETA message. This SMS text message will confirm your taxi's estimated arrival time. Checklist for Cab Spot bookings 1. Pick-up Point: Your pick up point is the Cab Spot sign's unique number, eg Cab Spot 2. 2. ETA Message: We recommend that you take this option so that an SMS message will confirm your taxi's arrive time. *Note - ETA messaging has a $0.75 SMS carrier charge & you must have the premium messaging option with your carrier. 3. Waiting Point: Adjacent to the Cab Spot sign. Your feedback is appreciated and can be forwarded to: Email Us. List of Cab Spots * Cab Spot 1 - Aerial Capital Group-Base * Cab Spot 2 - Gungahlin Lakes Club * Cab Spot 3 - Belconnen Soccer Club(Mckellar) * Cab Spot 4 - Belconnen Soccer Club(Hawker) * Cab Spot 5 - Queanbeyan Golf Club * Cab Spot 6 - RSL Memorial Bowling Club * Cab Spot 7 - Queanbeyan Aquatic Centre * Cab Spot 9 - Canberra Theatre Playhouse Rear Door/Loading Dock * Cab Spot 10 - Canberra Theatre Rear Link Entrance * Cab Spot 11 - Canberra Theatre Stage Door/Admin Entrance * Cab Spot 12 - The Street Theatre * Cab Spot 14 - Lighthouse Bar * Cab Spot 15 - Calvary Hospital Main Entrance * Cab Spot 16 - Calvary Hospital Emergency/Maternity * Cab Spot 17 - Calvary Hospital Clinic * Cab Spot 18 - Calvary Hospital Keaney Building * Cab Spot 19 - Calvary Hospital Hyson Green Building * Cab Spot 20 - Calvary Hospital Health Care Loading Bay * Cab Spot 21 - Calvary Hospital Lewisham Building * Cab Spot 22 - John James Hospital Main Entrance * Cab Spot 23 - John James Hospital Day Care Unit * Cab Spot 24 - John James Hospital Maternity Unit * Cab Spot 25 - Canberra Labour Club Front Entrance * Cab Spot 26 - Canberra Labour Club Rear Entrance * Cab Spot 27 - Ginninderra Labour Club * Cab Spot 28 - Weston Creek Labour Club * Cab Spot 30 - Queanbeyan Tigers Club * Cab Spot 31 - National Convention Centre * Cab Spot 52 - Ainslie Football Club * Cab Spot 99 - Canberra City Bowling Club

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