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Cyprus Taxi Transport

Author: Department of Road Transport

The road transport services are performed by the private sector as provided by Law. Taxis services conditions are fixed by the Licensing Authority. The fares for all the passenger service vehicles are fixed by the Minister of Communications and Works.

The Department of Road Transport of the Ministry of Communications and Works:

a) Implements government policy regarding road services offered to the public and control and regulation of the taxi services.

b) Handles taxi vehicle registration, issue of vehicle circulating licenses, testing of vehicles for road worthiness and issue of driving licenses.


Cyprus Vehicle Licenses - All motor vehicles circulating in Cyprus need a motor vehicle license issued by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles. Public service motor vehicles like taxi vehicles also need special road service licenses, which are issued by the Licensing Authority, an independent body appointed by the Council of Ministers. Public Service licenses are valid for five years. Drivers of all types of motor vehicles including taxi drivers must be holders of driving licenses which are issued after relevant tests and are valid until the age of 70. After the age of 70 the licenses are renewable every two years with a medical certificate. A visitor holding a valid driving license of his country or an international driving license can drive on the roads of Cyprus. Visitors importing a motor vehicle temporarily for their personal use, which is accompanied by a proper certificate of registration and a valid circulation license, are not obliged to register and they can use it on the roads of Cyprus. If the vehicle is not accompanied by the above documents, the owner must apply to the Deputy Registrar of Motor Vehicles within 15 days from the date of importation, for securing a temporary registration certificate. In case the foreign circulation license of a motor vehicle expires during its stay in Cyprus, the importer must pay to the Department of Road Transport the circulation fees.

Cyprus Vehicle Insurance - Before driving on the roads of Cyprus, a third party insurance cover by a Cyprus insurance company is essential unless the importer of the vehicle is in possession of an
International Insurance Certificate (green card).


Cyprus Mechanical Inspection All taxi vehicles and other types of motor vehicles have to be inspected before registration. In addition, mechanical inspection of motor vehicles is carried out in accordance with local rules and regulations.

Ministry of Communications and Works

Department of Road Transport

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  Kyprianos   --   Larnaca (Larnaca) (Cyprus)
posted: 2012-03-27 08:07:18
I have used so far the taxi services provided by Dano taxi, and they are quite cheap and very reliable, I recommend it.
  Sync cars   --   London (Greater London) (United Kingdom)
posted: 2011-03-22 06:07:30
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  silver   --   Melbourne (Victoria) (Australia)
posted: 2010-02-16 06:09:30
The majority of Taxis in Cyprus are shocking.
Some Mercedes cars are from the 70s
The seats are sagging, the smell is owfull, and most drivers are rude and cheats.
The cars are not easlily identified as they could be any colour. The meter for the fare is optional.
Be careful.
When they come to Taxis and taxi driver manners and education ....they are a third wold country!
  blossom   --   Paphos (Paphos) (Cyprus)
posted: 2009-06-04 02:45:22
Oh Jim, the Taxi Inspector...just stop bad mouthing the taxi drivers as if the ones back in the UK are any better. Plus what did you do? Go around and inspect all the taxis like a police officer...what a disgraceful attitude. I think the Brits abroad expect respect and politeness but in no way behave in a suitable way so as to be worthy. Perhaps we should start on your beer drinking and disorderly and imposing behaviour - why should we tolerate that?!!!!
  Jim Groves   --   Paphos (Paphos) (Cyprus)
posted: 2008-10-29 11:14:57
I have used Taxis in paphos on several occasions so as not to drink and drive , on every occasion the driver has been rude, refused to set the meter, and gone out of his way to overcharge. Further several taxis are unlicensed and unroadworthy. In short the taxis drivers seem to be a law unto their selves . At Paphos airport one morning I saw 10 taxis waiting for fares , 3 had no raod tax, 3 had defective tyres , 5 had damage.
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