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Judge stalls city attempt to make New York taxi cabs go green

Author: Thomas Zambito

A Manhattan federal judge Monday stalled the city's latest attempt to make yellow cabs go green.

Judge Paul Crotty barred the city from giving fleet owners cash incentives to put more fuel-efficient hybrids on the streets. The Metropolitan Taxicab Board of Trade argued that mandating hybrids illegally preempts federal emissions laws and would force owners to replace their Crown Victorias with eco-friendly cars. Lawyers for the city are weighing an appeal. "We do not believe that Congress intended to prohibit local governments from implementing incentive programs ... that encourage the purchase of environmentally friendly taxis," said Michael Cardozo, the city's corporation counsel. Crotty said it's the duty of federal agencies to regulate fuel-efficiency and emissions standards. Crotty took a similar stand in October, when he stopped the city from enforcing a law that would have forced fleet owners to have their new cabs get a fuel-efficient 25 miles a gallon. The new law would have cut into owner profits by lowering the rate at which they can lease nonhybrids to drivers.

NY Daily News

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  Ciwex   --   none (Korea (South))
posted: 2012-04-21 11:26:31
Bus 638 goes Whitstable run by Poynters,to Faversham via Hernhill & Boughton. To get to Canterbury need to get bus 3 or 3a run by Stagecoach from Boughton Street outside Post fcifoe, or from Faversham where there is option of an express bus 3x. You can get a Stagecoach day explorer for a35.50, All Taxi's are from Faversham or Whitstable, & cost just under a310 back to those towns, or to Canterbury cost quite a lot more! Faversham also has trains running to Canterbury East if that is helpful. There is usually a row of cabs waiting outside the Station at Faversham so you can ask different companies to give you their cards for future reference. Tesco's has a call a cab free line.Hope this is helpful, Carol
  Roald   --   Salamanca (Castilla y Leon) (Spain)
posted: 2009-07-12 10:36:30
There are still people out there that do not get the message. Green is mandatory in everything we doas a civilazition.
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