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Taxi Jamel Edine Mir

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Taxi Jamel Edine Mir

Phone number: 456467

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  David McCrum   --   Knivsta (Sweden)
posted: 2011-02-17 02:40:37
I was not happy at all with this service. I was coming back from a family holiday with 2 small children. I was asked if I was paying by card or cash. I said card. The driver said that it was cheeper if I paid cash! So I asked why the price difference, I have never heard of that! I said that it should be the same price! I was told by the driver that if I paid cash and did not want a receipt that he would do me a better price!!! Plus: Why do taxi drivers have to go faster than the speed limit with people (inc. small children)? I will be getting this up with the taxi company also.